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Recently Apple has been talking about the number of updates they intend to release, like an update to the Watch OS and to Mac OS. They have started their usual September rollout with iOS 10 download [ext link] and have followed it immediately with an update to iTunes. Apple regularly updates iTunes throughout the year with minor improvements and bug fixes but always leave the best for last, when the next operating system is released. iTunes v12.5.1 does contain bug fixes and enhancements, along with some new additions to complement the latest operating system

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iTunes 12.5.1 Features :

  • Fully compatible with devices running on iOS 10
  • Mac OS Sierra enhancements – Siri, use of voice control to play music from Apple Music and your own library
  • Apple Music gets a cleaner and simpler user interface to enhance user experience
  • New Picture-in-Picture (PiP) brings multitasking firmly to the forefront, letting users have videos playing in the top corners of their screens while doing other stuff on their computers


Along with iOS 10, iTunes is now available for immediate download. You can download iOS 10 in two ways – directly on your device through OTA update and by connecting to iTunes. Over the next few days in particular, iTunes is likely to be targeted by thousands of users who are looking to backup their devices and update to the latest firmware. Because of this, despite iOS 10 support being added in the update, iTunes is likely to be slow and you may experience delays in updating.

iOS 10 Jailbreak Update :

While we do expect iOS 10 Jailbreak at some point, we can’t give you a firm answer as to when. The jailbreak teams will already have done some work on the beta versions of iOS 10 but they will still need to look into the public release to see if anything has changed. While we wait for news on the iOS 10 jailbreak, if you don’t want to lose your PPHelper jailbreak or the ability to install it, don’t update your device to iOS 10.

Download iTunes Tutorial :

If you are ready to upgrade, and see what Apple has given us this time, you can click on this link [ext link], open the store on your Mac and click on Updates or, you can do it through iTunes itself by following the steps below.

  1. Open iTunes on your computer iTunes open iphone 6
  2. Clicking on the tab for Help and then on the option for Check for Updates itunes update mac
  3. iTunes will search for the latest updates
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to update your version itunes-12-5-1

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  1. I have a problem iPhone SE 9.3.2 jail broke it via totoateam pphelper Cydia worked fine I downloaded I file not dilute if it’s related I still have app icons on screen push them they blink and nothing happens. I can’t get them gone nor to work

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