iOS 11 – Features Expected

Now that iOS 10 is well and truly under way, for some people it’s time to look ahead to iOS 11. We know that it isn’t going to be released for many months and won’t even be revealed until June 2017, when Apple’s WWDC takes place but that isn’t going to stop people from thinking about what they would like Apple to bring to the table next time around.

Image : iOS 11 Expected Features


iOS 10 is doing well and, thanks to the constant updates, is relatively free of bugs and runs smoothly for most people. However, it would appear that some of the newest features or changes to the iOS are not working as well as some had hoped and there are still some features missing. Take a look at some of the things that people want to see on iOS 11 in 2017 .

iOS 11 Features :

  1. 4-way Facetime chat ios_11_video_chat
  2. Have data usage ordered by MB size and not by name
  3. Be able to change the resolution and camera settings in-app
  4. Be able to put our app icons where we want them gridlock_app
  5. Be able to rename Bluetooth controls
  6. Set our own default apps
  7. Add a permanent number row to the top of the keyboard
  8. Add an app drawer
  9. Give us native RAW support for cameracamera-and-photos-apps-in-ios-9
  10. Set hard data limits
  11. Give users the option of how many and which toggles they want
  12. Animation for icons
  13. Better one-handed mode
  14. Bring back the Slide to Unlock option
  15. Clear all apps switcher
  16. Copy/Paste clipboard
  17. Custom fonts
  18. Dark Night Mode eclipse_3
  19. Faster way to clear app caches
  20. Faster animations
  21. Gif support in photos
  22. Hand-off for Apple Music
  23. Improve notifications and let us do more
  24. An iPad-only operating system
  25. Low power mode and data toggles in control center
  26. More 3D Touch controls forcy-3d-touch-quick-actions-camera
  27. More accurate Siri and ability to use offline for some basic functions
  28. Bigger choice of new wallpapers
  29. Bring the Back button lower down on larger devices
  30. Native screen recorder [ Emu4iOS ]irec-screen
  31. Open NFC API to developers
  32. Passcode protect individual apps
  33. PiP video centrum1-2
  34. Give the home screen a new look
  35. Remove the LTE download limit
  36. Take the page system away from control center
  37. Split-screen multitasking ipad-split-screen-ios9
  38. True Bluetooth file transfer to all platforms
  39. Volume HUD in the status bar and not on the screen

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  1. Would like to see a dropdown menu when moving apps to send them directly to a page or folder without having to drag them there upsetting the other pages along the way.

  2. hi there make icons live in 3d or 4k optioal apps dissplay optional even if paying $3 too $11 for app realitic upgrades

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